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Webinar: Driving Prospecting Content With Intent Data

I’m sure you’ve heard that using intent data can be a powerful strategy for:

✅ Increasing brand awareness
✅ Generating leads with ‘in-market’ contacts
✅ Booking more appointments
✅ Accelerating the pipeline

However, it can be difficult to manage the volume of data each day/week/month.

In this short video Tukan from LeadSift and I will be breaking down how you can prioritize intent into three buckets (TOFU, MOFU & BOFU).

We also discuss the level of engagement and energy you should expend on each, in your outbound sales campaigns.

The content is geared to sales, however, it can easily be transferred to Marketing and Growth.


Not sure where to start?

If you have questions about Outbound Prospecting or any of the tools mentioned in this post, please take advantage of a 15 minute call with Mark and the team at Yellow O.

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Mark Colgan

Mark Colgan is a Sales and Marketing Automation Expert and regularly speaks on the topic of Revenue Optimisation, Outbound Sales and Marketing Automation.