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Cold Email Copywriting (Written For You)

Cold Email Copywriting 1

What’s this all about?

In short, I’ll create revenue-generating cold email copy for you and your sales team.

If that’s enough for you, apply to work with me by clicking here.

People come to me when they’re struggling to get replies, book meetings, and close deals through outbound prospecting. 

Over the last few years, I’ve been in the fortunate position to see hundreds of outbound campaigns.

But why am I qualified to even talk about cold email?

  1. I’ve generated millions of dollars in net new ARR for B2B SaaS companies over the past 5 years.
  2. I run a Digital PR Agency that relies on pitching our customers as interview guests on podcasts where we achieve an average 65% response rate (often higher).
  3. I lead the Outbound Prospecting course at Sales Impact Academy alongside Sarah Brazier of
  4. I’m developing the Cold Email Writing Bootcamp at Sales Impact Academy alongside Sarah Hicks of Predictable Revenue
  5. I previously ran TaskDrive, a lead research and data enrichment service, and oversaw the optimization of 100’s of customer’s outbound email campaigns

So, if you want to increase your reply rates, book more meetings and close more deals, then you should work with me.

How it works

Here’s how the cold email copywriting service works

Step 1. Onboarding Call

It all starts with an onboarding call where we’ll discuss your current outbound prospecting strategy to date, your product, and your ideal customers.

Step 2. Research

I then dive deep into the challenges and pain points that your ideal customers are facing to really understand how your product helps them overcome these challenges.

I’ll also spend time looking at customer testimonials and reviews of your and your competitors’ product as well as other third-party sources related to your customer.

Step 3. Drafting

Once the research is complete and we’ve decided on the three most pressing problems that your ideal customers are facing I begin to draft the emails.

Leave it with me as I work my magic and craft persuasive and highly relevant cold email copy.

Copy that is included in this service:

  1. 3 initial cold emails for your outbound sequences
  2. 5 value-adding follow-ups to be used in your follow up sequence
  3. Several subject lines for A/B testing

Step 4. Completion

I’ll then share the final email drafts with you via a Google Doc for you/your team to send via your sales engagement software.

Things to know before you work with me

  • My emails are short, yet extremely effective. If you’re judging the outcome of this engagement based on email length, then perhaps I’m not the best person to work with.
  • I will not ask a prospect to book a demo with your team in the cold emails and I strongly encourage you to use the copy in my emails as they are shared with you.
  • This service only covers the email copy. I’m not responsible for email deliverability or the sales follow-up process once you receive a reply from your prospects. However, I’m always happy to offer advice on any of the above

How much does this cost?

To work with me it costs $3,500 and I can typically turn these projects around in 2 to 3 weeks.

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Want to increase revenue?

If you have questions about Outbound Prospecting or how you can increase revenue in your current sales efforts,  please book a time to speak with me here.

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Mark Colgan

Mark Colgan is a Sales and Marketing Automation Expert and regularly speaks on the topic of Revenue Optimisation, Outbound Sales and Marketing Automation.