B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy

We help you focus your strategy on where your customers are, what content they'll find valuable and the best channels to reach them.

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Why a B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy?

Trying to ‘do digital marketing’ without a clear strategy can result in tens of thousands worth of wasted budget, lost hours and in some cases a bad first impression from potential customers.

But finding time to step back and look critically at your strategy can be difficult. We'll help you understand what to do, how to do it and when to execute your plan.

Gives You a Direction

You'll know who your target market is, where they are and what you need to do in order to provide value to them

Cost Reduction and Savings

Following a clear direction ensures you are not wasting money or time in the wrong areas

Immediate Measurement

By setting objectives and goals and using Digital Marketing you can immediately see if you are on track or not

B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy Process

We've used our three stage strategic review to understand businesses like yours and then make recommendations that are going to impact your bottom line the most.

1. Understand

We'll first spend time with you to understand your business objectives, the business metrics that matter, your current Marketing efforts and find out what has worked well for you to date.

2. Internal & External Audit

This is followed by an internal Digital Marketing Audit and an external review of your competitors and marketplace.

3. Strategic Recommendations

Depending on the package you chose, we will then use our knowledge and findings from stage one and two to identify the key areas you need to focus on. Your budget will be taken into account and we will agree on monthly KPI's.

High Level Digital Marketing Strategy

This is a high level overview of the key areas in the digital marketing mix that will help you meet your Sales and Marketing objectives. We review your competitors activity and include examples and tools that you can use to execute this strategy.

High Level


Includes: One Page Digital Marketing Plan, examples and recommended tools to achieve your goals


Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

This is a comprehensive Digital Strategy that covers all aspects of Digital Marketing including the following strategies, how and when to execute them: Lead Generation and Nurturing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing (and promotion) and Customer Onboarding & Retention.



Includes: Detailed Digital Marketing Strategy document, Campaign Ideas and Worksheets for you to use


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