B2B SaaS Lead Generation

We'll help you optimise your resources and energy in order to target the right companies and respective decision makers with personalised content and campaigns.

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Why Lead Generation Strategy?

In 2017 your Sales team have access to a vast amount of data on potential customers. However, this huge data set can be confusing and often hard to navigate.

We'll work with you to identify the ideal customers, enrich this data with demographic and firmographic context and help you work with the best tools to reach out to these prospects in order to increase sales and close opportunities quicker.

Identify Leads

We'll use our knowledge to identify key leads and accounts and generate lists for your sales team

Sales Enablement

Provide training and advice of the best strategies to target and connect with prospects


Utilise CRM and Automation platforms to document and report on sales activity and success

B2B SaaS Lead Generation Process

Our tried and tested Lead Generation process consists of four stages.

1. Understand

We work with you to understand, in detail, who your ideal customers are by analysing the characteristics of a mixture of Firmographic data Technographic data.

2. Identify

We'll find the right roles and people who fit into your ideal customer profile. Using a number of hand selected tools and services we will work with you to identify and build a target list of ideal customers. This data will then be used during stages three and four.

3. Create

We will work alongside your Sales and Marketing teams in order to create personalised campaigns to engage with those prospects that are most likely to buy. This ensures that every touchpoint along the buyer’s journey is highly personalised.

4. Engage & Measure

Using the latest sales outreach tools and best practice we will begin to engage with the identified prospects. The ultimate objective here is sales, we can work with your team to support them during the opportunity stages.

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