B2B SaaS Customer Success

We work with you to embrace a Customer Success focus in order to increase usage and reduce churn by aligning sales, marketing and development, helping your customers reach their desired outcome.

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Why Customer Success?

Customer success can be seen as the management ofcustomer relationships to reduce churn, increase existing revenue and influence new sales.

With some products / services the barriers to churn can be quite low, therefore it becomes much more important to manage customer relationships and ensure that they are realising the economic value of their investment.

There are a number of stages that need to be planned and implemented for a successful Customer Success Strategy. Yellow O partner with you to understand the success milestones, success gaps and customer lifecycle to develop a strategy which will reduce churn and increase revenue.


Reduces Churn

Helps your customer constantly see value in the product and reach key success milestones

Increases Revenue

Encourages more usage of the product / service and promotes advocacy of your business.

Influences Development

Feedback from customers or 'power users' can highlight key product feature requests and improvements

Below are the Customer Success challenges we can help with.

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