B2B SaaS Account Based Marketing

We help you design and implement an ABM strategy to target key prospects and execute revenue generating campaigns.

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Why Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

ABM is almost the exact opposite to Inbound Marketing in the sense that the focus of Marketing and Sales resources is on a targeted set of accounts. An ABM approach delivers strategic and orchestrated campaigns personalised to those accounts.

Typically ABM accounts are are high-yield, and may be a better fit for your solutions. Additional ABM encourages a 'Land & Expand' strategy which can accelerate your revenues once key target accounts are onboard.

More Revenue

Due to the focus of ABM, the buyers have already been exposed to your messaging, when sales reach out the them, the buyer will be at a later opportunity stage

A Focused Sales and Marketing Strategy

As you identify who the target accounts are, prior to any campaign, you'll know exactly which channels to use in order to reach them

Improved Customer Experience

Rather than being targeted as part of a larger campaign, the buyers receive highly personalised content from you. Helping you differentiate yourself from the market

Our B2B SaaS Account Based Marketing Process

The ABM process can be broken down into four main stages. We will work with you and key stakeholders throughout each stage.

1. Understand & Identify

To begin we work with you in order to gain your stakeholders’ buy-in and identifying your target accounts. ABM is a very different approach to Marketing so key stakeholders will need to be educated on the methods and likely results.

We then help you define your ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer personas through internal and external research. We can offer suggestions of tools which can help with this process.

2. Set Goals & Analytics

We'll then define your goals with you. These could be launching a new product, building market share in an existing segment or entering a new markets, verticals or segments entirely.

In order to track and analyse the performance of ABM we need to select our technology stack. We'll advise on the best technology for you to use based on your budget. This gives us the ability to run campaigns and see the ROI of ABM.

3. Planning Campaigns

Now we're ready to start planning our campaigns. Having spent the time researching our ICP's we will have a good idea of the channels that our buyers use. These are the channels that we will use to communicate with them.

We will now work with you to create targeted and personalised content that will resonate with the audience. This can be created in house, if you have the resources, or by Yellow O.

4. Implementing Campaigns

We're now ready to execute our campaigns. We'll begin by seeding our target accounts by pre-targeting them via paid advertising. This is followed by sales out reach and personalised messaging through the channels identifies in our research.

Whilst the campaign is running we will continuously measure its effectiveness. KPI's such as MQA's, Engagement Rate, Pipeline Velocity, ROI and more will be followed.

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