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ActiveCampaign is an automation platform designed to optimize and customize customer experiences across every aspect of the business - providing businesses the means to connect with their customers at a personal level. Currently being used by over 80,000 businesses, ActiveCampaign’s email marketing, marketing automation or CRM tools are powerful and user-friendly – allowing companies to easily integrate them to their business processes.

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What we use ActiveCampaign for

ActiveCampaign is a tool that can be used to automate communication between businesses and their clients. You can use ActiveCampaign to do the following:

  • Email Marketing Campaign – Automatically send one time campaign emails, triggered emails based on action (site visit, purchase, engagement), autoresponders, funnels as well as scheduled and targeted emails.
  • CRM and sales automation (not available with ActiveCampaign Lite) – Tracks and updates leads and contact information
  • Messaging Integration (not available with ActiveCampaign Lite) – For clients on the go, ActiveCampaign can be programmed to send text campaigns, notifications, and reminders through SMS and Facebook
  • Site Tracking/Machine Learning (available with Professional and Enterprise) – Tracks actions done on-site and analyzes data to let you know which campaigns are working, and which leads are most likely to be converted to sales.
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Why we like ActiveCampaign

The dashboard is simple and easy to navigate

  • Split Automation allows users to test 2 different workflows to see which gets a better response from the audience (available only with Professional and Enterprise)
  • Machine Learning analyzes data and could provide an intelligent prediction of the odds, so you can concentrate on building a connection with leads that are most likely to result in closed deals. (available only with Professional and Enterprise)

“I love the functionality of the editor and all of the automation options, as well as the way list tags are handled. I find the dashboard really helpful, too, and I like how easy it is to customize.” – Cristie C.


“Set up of automation is simple yet powerful. Saved a lot of manual work from our side, and we are able to launch automation on our emails easily and quickly.

Template creation is easy too. However, we would prefer more flexibility in the design of the template.

The support team is helpful and responsive. Overall we are able to integrate other major e-Commerce tools with ActiveCampaign.” – Kelvin I


“Active Campaign has an excellent user interface and is easy to use. This was my biggest deciding factor in email providers. As a solo entrepreneur, I needed something that was simple enough to send one-off campaigns as well as automation. I love how visual setting up the automation is – it just makes sense.” – Laura T.

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What we don’t like about ActiveCampaign

  • The Lite version has very limited features
  • You may need external support if you wish to make complex changes
  • The forms can be a little limited from a design point of view

“My only concern with ActiveCampaign is that the forms for newsletter sign up are not as attractive as I would like and I would like to integrate it with the Bloom plugin for WordPress but it doesn’t allow me to add subscribers to a particular list.” – Laura T


“I’m not too crazy about the email templates that are included. I typically just start from scratch and save my own templates. Also, as someone with not a lot of experience with automation, the learning curve can be a bit difficult. It definitely took patience on my end.” – Janine G

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How much does ActiveCampaign cost?

For 500 users or less, ActiveCampaign starts at $9 per month for the Lite version (paid yearly), and supports up to 3 users.

For the Plus version, it is $49 per month (paid yearly) and supports up to 25 users. For the Pro version, it costs $129 per month (paid yearly) and supports 50 users.

The Enterprise version starts at $229 per month (paid yearly) and supports an unlimited number of users.

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Not sure where to start?

If you have questions about any of these tools or Marketing Automation in general, please take advantage of a 15 minute call with Mark and the team at Yellow O.

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Mark Colgan is a Sales and Marketing Automation Expert and regularly speaks on the topic of Revenue Optimisation, Outbound Sales and Marketing Automation.

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