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Yellow O partners with B2B SaaS companies in order to acquire new customers, engage with prospects, retain customers and scale their growth.

We exclusively work with customer and product-focused SaaS companies who have achieved product-market fit and are ready to scale.

Mark Colgan

Yellow O was established by Mark Colgan in 2011. Initially, Yellow O worked with both B2B and B2C companies. However, as Mark’s experience is within the B2B SaaS space, the focus has changed to solely working with B2B SaaS Businesses.

Mark originally started his career in Sales, working as Recruitment Consultant both for agencies and FTSE 50 companies. For the last 6 year, Mark has worked with technology businesses and was responsible for establishing Digital Marketing Strategies and best practices in order to increase revenue.

In 2016 Mark decided to pursue a career as a consultant, working with a handful of clients at a time. Mark often delivers Digital Marketing talks and workshops at Meetup events in London.

Yellow O has a network of trusted freelancers that we outsource some work to. Typically we subcontract Graphic Design, Copywriting and Technical Development work to these freelancers.

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Find out how we increased revenue by 30%

Yellow O partnered with a Retail and Leisure Location Data Analytics company and helped them achieve a 4 x increase in leads and boost net new revenue by 30%.

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