We increase your revenue through the selection, implementation and effective use of your CRM & Marketing Technology Stack

Combining proven Sales and Marketing strategies and expert guidance on how to utilise CRM & Marketing Technology to drive revenue.

Our goal is to drive revenue generation through the successful selection, implementation, optimisation and delivery of CRM and Marketing Technology for your business.

We help you understand how to get the most of the CRM & Marketing Technology you have invested in already. If you are new to Marketing Technology, we partner with you as your trusted advisor by understanding your requirements and building out the technology stack, specific to your objectives.


We spend time with you the understand your current situation, identify where you want to be and what your goals are. During this process, we uncover the gaps in your CRM and Marketing Technology stack which are stopping you from achieving your goals. You’ll receive actionable advice and answers which you can take action upon by yourself or with Yellow O.

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During the strategy process, we clarify your vision and what your key objectives are. With a thorough understanding of your business and market, we then provide you with the right options for your CRM & Marketing Technology setup, recommendations on these options and a roadmap of you can achieve your objectives.

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Should you need to introduce a new platform to your technology stack, we can assist you with the procurement of CRM & Marketing Technology platforms, often negotiating better deals on your behalf. We then work with you as your trusted advisor in order to achieve the outcomes and vision set by the strategy helping you realise a positive ROI.

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Whatever stage of the customer journey, we can help you increase the ROI and drive revenue through Strategy and Technology

Generate and nurture more leads whilst shortening the sales cycle and ensuring that all interactions are synced to your CRM. Use lead scoring to understand which prospects are motivated to act.

Motivate your prospects to proceed to the next level of their lifecycle faster by utilising the data you already have to nudge them into making a decision.

Strengthen relationships with your customers by creating a personalised and seamless end-to-end customer experience. Pre-empt churn inducing behaviour and identify brand advocates.

Generate positive referrals from happy customers in order to reduce your CAC. Use Marketing automation to go that extra mile and ensure your support is proactive, not reactive.

Automate revenue-generating activities to stay front of mind with prospects and customers. Be ahead of your renewals and explore opportunities with closed lost business.

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Here’s what our customers think

Mark and Yellow O are our go-to Marketing Automation experts. They've helped us offer Marketing Automation and CRM Implementations to our clients. We know that customer acquisition to a website isn't enough anymore, that's why we partner with Yellow O to help complete the customer journey for our clients.

Holly StephensCMO at Beam Wallet

Mark has listened to our requirements and built a Marketing Technology Stack that fits our individual needs. His advice and guidance has protected us from costly mistakes and saved us time. Furthermore, he has played an integral part in negotiating the cost of our Marketing Technology subscriptions.

Wayne MagahyMD at Woosh Washrooms

A selection of our most frequently used tools

We are vendor agnostic and only suggest software providers that are right for your exact requirements.

Why work with us?


Our advice is specifically tailored to you. This means that we do not just show you the latest ‘growth hacks’ or ‘tricks’. We’re not afraid to tell you if we think that certain channels and campaigns won’t work for you. We will always be honest with you and help you identify the right levers for growth.


We’re complete outsiders to your business, but we see this as a positive. Whilst we may not have as much experience in your industry, we do know how to effectively market products and services. We will ask you difficult questions, but they all lead to growth.


If we are not providing value, we are not doing our job properly. We don’t want to be ‘retained’ by you for many years to come. Our role is to help you achieve your objectives. That might take 3 months or 18 months. Our aim is to deliver results and help you focus on the next areas of growth (even if that means without us).

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