I help B2B SaaS companies generate more revenue through sales cadences, playbooks and advisory.

Here are a few ways I can work with you if you are a B2B SaaS company and need support with your Outbound Sales Campaigns.

Cold Email Copy Review

You’ll receive a video review of your existing cold email copy and I’ll provide suggestions of how you can increase your reply rates, meetings booked, and generate more revenue with my proven initial cold email framework.

Companies that implement my cold emails have achieved an average 60% response rate.

Outbound Sequences

Get the messaging and revenue-generating cadence for a successful multi-channel outbound sales campaign that works in 2022.

You’ll receive a full multi-channel sequence with copy that resonates with your buyer personas that your team can implement immediately.

Sales Playbooks

Need a new Sales Paybook or would like me to help review your existing one?

Get in touch if you want the messaging, plays, and sales enablement materials you need to close deals quickly and consistently.

Mark was a pleasure to chat with, highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to level up their sales approach. Having little sales experience myself, Mark was able to quickly walk me through a number of key ideas and tools to use to make fast improvements and even shared a template for outreach that I'll be able to put to work right away.

Nick SchwinghamerDirector of Growth

I call Mark 'the king of outreach', because he just knows so much about crafting the perfect outreach template and he helped me time and time again with it with positive results every time.

Niels ZeeHead of Growth

The most productive call I had in my life 🙂 I highly recommend Mark to everyone building B2B business.

Dr. Roman IshchenkoStrategy Consultant

Mark's one of the best cold email operators I've ever met. Also really helpful and generous with his time. Did a realtime tear down of a couple of outbound emails I was thinking about shooting out via Woodpecker. Great call!

Foti PanagioFounder of GrowthMentor

Mark was great and it was a really useful session. He totally understood my questions (around B2B SaaS outbound marketing and sales techniques) and answered them directly and comprehensively. He's extremely friendly and approachable - I would recommend him to anyone.

Roly WalterFounder at Appraisd

Great conversation with Mark! He took a look at our existing outbound prospecting approach and gave some recommendations to put into action immediately in addition to some others to consider in the future.

Stefan DeboisHead of Growth

13 years in B2B SaaS

People come to me when they’re struggling to get replies, book meetings, and close deals through outbound prospecting.

Over the last few years, I’ve been in a fortunate position to see hundreds of outbound campaigns.

But why am I qualified to even talk about outbound sales?

  1. I’ve generated millions of dollars in net new ARR for B2B SaaS companies over the past 5 years.
  2. I lead the Outbound Prospecting course and Cold Email Writing Bootcamp at Sales Impact Academy and have coached 1000’s of SDR’s.
  3. I run a Digital PR Agency that relies on pitching our customers as interview guests on podcasts where we achieve an average 65% response rate (often higher).
  4. I previously ran TaskDrive, a lead research and data enrichment service, and oversaw the optimization of 100’s of customers’ outbound email campaigns.

So, if you want to increase your reply rates, book more meetings and close more deals, then you should work with me.

Book an advisory call

Let's work together

All engagements start with a paid advisory call, which you can book below.

Mark was incredibly insightful. He helped audit my cold email sales funnel. I am currently implementing a number of suggestions from Mark that are going to speed up my sales process and save me a ton of time.

Josh SalvoCo-Founder At ReddyYeti

Generate more revenue with my proven initial cold email framework.